Technology Solutions (cont.)

Data Services

Data Services from Talon are a cost-effective means of consolidating, hosting, updating and converting data from disparate formats.

Talon’s Data Services include:

  • Electronic Data Warehousing
  • Data Cleansing and Normalization Services
    Talon’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence Cleansing Engine (AICE) is the leading industry tool in the cleansing and normalization of almost any type of data. In most cases, AICE data cleansing and normalization yields hit rates of up to 99% regardless of data quality or age. Additionally, AICE is capable of processing and delivering files back to the client in any format or layout initially pre-specified.
  • Data Refresh and Update Services
    Once data has been cleansed using AICE, the system interacts with Talon’s own proprietary databases as well those of our strategic partners to deliver the most updated and current information.
  • Tape Cartridge and 9-Track Tape Data Extraction and Conversion Services
    Talon is able to process data from media such as magnetic tape (3490/3490E Cartridges, 9-Track Reel, etc), CD/DVD, or through email or FTP.  It can come as EBCDIC, ASCII, Binary or Custom Text, Fixed, Variable, or Rule-Based Undefined record formats.  The files themselves may also be in TXT, DBF, or CSV.  This data is retrieved and processed by our systems and delivered to our clients in their preferred format and layout.
  • Other File Format Conversion Services

Additional Technology Solutions

  • E-Commerce Site Development
  • Website Design and Development
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Electronic Campaigns
  • Database and Application Development
  • Hosted Websites
  • Call Center and Dialer Applications
Talon solutions have been used by HR, Compensation and Benefits departments, outsourcing firms, pharmaceutical companies, sales organizations, proxy solicitors, trust companies, insurers, custodians, transfer agents, banks, brokerage firms, private companies and Fortune 500 firms.