Technology Solutions

Like You, We Too do Business in the Real World

As a technology and business services company, Talon Financial Technologies understands that some deadlines are shorter than ideal. Because our applications are developed and hosted in-house, we have greater flexibility to assist you in resolving your immediate need. Contact Talon to discuss our Rapid Response Solutions.

Talon Financial Technologies delivers tailored applications which thoughtfully integrate Web, IVR, Message Broadcast, Call Center, Fax, Print, Mail and Data Management capabilities. Talon’s branded and private label platforms offer:

Web and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Services

  • Electronic Voting and Election Services - Whether you require turnkey processing or specific services to complement your current processes, Talon will meet with you to discuss customized options. The consultation is FREE.
  • Electronic Survey and Information Collection Services
  • Electronic Union Elections
  • Web and IVR Secured Transaction Processing

Message Broadcast and Communications Services

Talon’s Broadcast & Communication services are a cost effective response to mass-distribute corporate communications, marketing material, literature and other information updates. Talon offers a choice of contact methods.

Let Talon’s team of information specialists help you determine the most effective means of reaching your target audience.
  • Email Broadcast Services
  • Fax Broadcast Services
  • Electronic Union Elections