Employee Stock Plans

Customized Solutions for the “Way You Pay”

Talon Financial Technologies is on the forefront in providing participant self-service websites and telephone IVR applications to support the enrollment, survey, acceptance and administrative needs of Fortune 500 corporations as well as small companies. Regardless of the size of your organization, a company-branded participant website increases the visibility of your compensation, benefit and equity plans, maximizing exposure and perceived value for participants. A plan-related website also allows many routine tasks and forms to become self-service features for employees. Self-service functionality reduces administrative processing for your staff while improving participant service levels and accessibility of plan information.

Customized Participant Interfaces

Talon Financial Technologies can create a site to meet the customized needs of your Compensation, Benefit or Equity Plan. Talon will match the branding, look and feel of your company’s site and provide a document library and site announcements. Access can be seamlessly integrated with your corporate intranet or participant enrollment can be accomplished via email invitation. All interfaces are designed with ease-of-use in mind. Access is always limited only to eligible or participating individuals.

Talon also has expertise in displaying individual text-based vesting schedules for performance shares/units, as well as developing customized sites for grant planning/nominations, bonus plan shares, bonus elections, long-term incentive plans and executive deferred compensation plans.

If you have a need for supporting some other type of program not mentioned here, Contact Us.