Employee Stock Option Plans

Convey the Value of Your Compensation,
Option and Stock Equity Plans

Talon Financial Technologies has a proven history of providing customized responses for compensation, stock option and other equity plans. Fortune 500 companies have turned to Talon for over 10 years for tailored products to meet their equity plan challenges and self-service needs. Well before they became industry standards, Talon was on the cutting edge in providing features such as online grant acceptance, modeling, restricted stock lapse functionality, performance vesting schedule detail, data warehouse hosting and M&A historic data preservation. Our sites provide announcements, FAQs and a document library that can be customized by the plan administrator as well as news and stock quote feeds. All of our benefit plan systems are customized based on your needs to enhance the employee experience.

Historic Data Preservation & Broker Neutral Approaches
Talon provides a broker neutral web presence for your equity plans, including historic data and underwater stock options.

Deployments from Talon are tailored to meet the needs of your organization. By choosing a broker-neutral vendor to provide a web presence for your plan, you retain complete control over the type and quantity of information that can be provided to plan participants. Talon also provides participant web and data warehouse support for underwater option programs and historic data preservation following various corporate actions. These applications include support for on-line statements, transaction confirmations and 1099 reprints.

Grant Acceptance
Talon’s grant acceptance functionality allows participants to view full agreements and accept online.

Talon’s grant acceptance platform provides acceptance reminders, follow-ups, expiration notifications, an overview of each grant or award, a full grant agreement with specific terms/conditions and the ability to browse previously accepted grants. Individual agreements are supported to facilitate inclusion of non-competition, non-solicitation and country-specific provisions. Performance-based vesting schedules are supported in a text description format. The site supports long plan IDs and grant type descriptions and grant types can be customized. Accepted agreement documents and grant details are always maintained using your current stock plan data. Electronic acceptance and rejection elections are recorded for audit purposes and participants may request grant details and provisions in printed, file and email formats. Multi-language functionality is supported within individual grant agreements. Talon can also provide similar acceptance, voting and e-signature applications for other benefit functions.