Employee Stock Purchase Plans

Automation and Support for Your Company’s ESPP

Talon Financial Technologies offers a broad array of IVR, Web and data processing services to streamline ESPP processing and improve service levels for participants.

Our ESPP services include:

Stand Alone Functionality
Talon provides a web presence for your ESPP when one has not been provided by your broker. Stand alone applications from Talon increase the visibility of your ESPP and may serve to increase plan participation. Our ESPP platform features include enrollment, payroll interfaces, contribution tracking, ESPP expense, participant statements and comprehensive purchase and sale history. If you need another feature for your ESPP, contact us regarding a customized approach to meet your needs.

Cooperation with Your Existing ESPP Broker or Provider
Talon can work with your broker or vendor to seamlessly integrate our IVR, Web and Data designs into your existing ESPP service offering.

Enrollment Eligibility and Contribution Settings
Talon’s telephone IVR and Web-based enrollment products offer the flexibility to simultaneously enforce multiple enrollment rules and contribution limits for your ESPP. We provide enrollment controls and change parameters that have proven to be a challenge for other providers.

Because of Talon’s many years of experience in delivering ESPP enrollment services, we can implement a platform to quickly meet your exact processing requirements. For example, we can support combinations of enrollment controls such as:
  • Eligibility settings based on one or more participant parameters such as location, length of service and/or employee status.
  • Enrollment contribution settings based on currency intervals (e.g. $5 increments), percentage of salary or both.
  • Enrollment contribution settings for each local currency or participant grouping.
  • Management of multiple participant groups, plans, and overlapping offering periods, including cumulative participation limits.
  • Management of contribution limits and cutoffs associated with Section 423 plans. ($25,000 value limit for a discounted ESPP with look back & discount provisions will be based on the beginning fair value.)