Shareholder Services

A Strategic Extension of Your Investor Relations Strategy

Talon Financial Technologies has a long history of developing and deploying comprehensive, customized and cost-effective proxy platforms. Talon provides a suite of services to equip proxy solicitors, transfer agents, custodians and issuers with the tools they need to meet their investor relations and corporate governance goals.

Whether you require a full scale offering or something to complement your current system, Talon’s team of shareholder service professionals and technical experts will equip you for success in any campaign.  Talon specializes in technologies that bring together data management with self-service IVR, Web, fax and call center interfaces. We deliver proxy platforms with real time tracking, tabulation and reporting capabilities.

In addition to proxy platforms, Talon provides investor/shareholder tracking, voting pattern history/retention, proxy vote prediction algorithms (based on historic behavior patterns), custodial account processing, ADP and DTC data processing, call center interfaces and managed shareholder data feeds with associated reporting.  

Through our strategic partners, Talon can also provide corporate governance consulting, proxy solicitation, proxy advisory, integrated print/mail solutions and call center services. Our strategic partners allow us to customize an end to end solution to meet your corporate governance needs.

Contact Talon today to see which services are right for your organization and campaign.