Shareholder Services

Shareholder Proxy Householding

Does your organization have share owners and family members with multiple certificate, DRS and book entry accounts? Talon’s opt-in program allows share owners at the same address to consolidate statements, proxy notifications and other communications.

Householding not only decreases shareholder communications costs, but may also increase overall proxy response rates by eliminating the hassle and confusion of one individual or entity voting multiple proxy ballots. Talon utilizes proprietary programming to match and consolidate accounts in a logical, hierarchical fashion.

Proxy Automation (Voting & Tabulation Applications)

Talon specializes in proxy automation including notification, voting and tabulation. Talon utilizes innovative approaches to target and reach your shareholder base in order to maximize proxy response rates. Our proprietary voting and tabulation applications are easy to use and allow for real-time vote monitoring and vote prediction for both the issuer/client and solicitor. By having the up-to-the-minute information your firm needs, Talon can quickly implement follow-up electronic information campaigns to targeted shareholder groups. Talon can also assist in future vote prediction based on identified voting patterns.

If your firm needs functionality to help with proxy voting, contact us for a competitive quote. Our strategic partners allow us to customize an end to end solution to meet your proxy solicitation and corporate governance needs.

Talon also specializes in enrollment, election, survey and other communication campaigns. Ask how Talon can assist your firm with union elections, friends and family IPO programs, lost property notifications, class action and other legal notices, bankruptcy notifications and similar constituent response campaigns.