Shareholder Services

Data Cleansing & Normalization

Talon utilizes an internally developed Artificial Intelligence Cleansing Engine (AICE) which cleanses and normalizes data while performing data element level verification within each record to ensure accurate results.  Talon’s AICE accepts data in a variety of formats and sources, normalizing the data for standard, consistent usage and export. When a new data element is found, the system adds it to its memory and continues to learn and refine the cleansing process. In this way, our system is truly a self taught Artificial Intelligence engine that can handle not only unique record layouts, but also identifies the unique and individual data elements within the fields themselves.

This service is designed to be paired with our Data Append and Automated Shareholder Research services. We identify the individual data elements within cleansed records, accurately tag each data element and then append and update data from Talon’s proprietary databases and those of our strategic partners. By recognizing specific data elements within the cleansing process, it makes it possible to accurately update and utilize even non-standardized files and to combine disparate sets of files into one updated database.