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Pre-Proxy Notice & Access Enrollment Services

What is Notice & Access?
Notice & Access or “Internet Availability of Proxy Materials” went into effect on July 1, 2007. It allows companies to post proxy materials online instead of mailing them, but only when certain requirements are properly met.

What are the benefits of Notice & Access?
A properly implemented Notice & Access program not only saves money, but also provides a cost-effective opportunity for direct marketing and communicating with constituents outside of the proxy season.

Will Notice & Access really lower our proxy costs?
When properly managed, Notice & Access will lower costs for the vast majority of issuers, but only when paired with an effective process for electronic enrollment. Talon has the tools and expertise to make your electronic enrollment campaign a success.

How does Notice & Access translate into lower costs for our organization?
Utilizing a targeted shareholder campaign, Talon will assist your organization in maximizing electronic enrollment to lower proxy printing, processing and mailing expenses. Most firms enjoy significant savings. Contact us to find out how we deliver cost reductions.

Are there pitfalls and special considerations for Notice & Access?
Though Notice & Access has resulted in significant cost reductions for many companies, program rollout has also corresponded with a decline in voting by certain groups of registered and beneficial shareholders. Let Talon guide your organization in defining a Notice & Access strategy consistent with your Investor Relations goals.

How many shareholders will utilize Notice & Access?
Typically, 30% of retail shareholders will enroll in electronic notification. Talon has proprietary enrollment approaches for maximizing the reach and effectiveness of Notice & Access enrollment.

What if we have already implemented Notice & Access?
Contact Talon for a free evaluation of your current program. When implemented properly, Notice & Access should result in significant cost savings. If your firm’s program has not met your enrollment and cost savings goals, Talon can provide proprietary services and expertise to reach those goals.

Why utilize Talon for Notice & Access?
Talon’s Notice and Access enrollment program is specifically designed to educate your shareholders on the new rule and explain the many benefits it offers in relation to shareholder servicing costs. Talon’s experience will result in a plan tailored to meet your firm’s needs that encourages electronic notification while building shareholder value.

What should be considered when deciding on Notice & Access?
You will need to determine whether to fully adopt the Notice & Access model or utilize a targeted approach that blends hard-copy material distribution with technology solutions. Impacts on proxy voting patterns should also be considered. Talon provides analysis of your shareholder base prior to any decision on Notice & Access.

How can Notice & Access help our organization “Go Green”?
A successful Notice & Access enrollment program maximizes electronic notification and thus avoids the impact of printing and mailing. Talon also has corresponding environmental campaigns your company can use to encourage shareholder participation in Notice & Access.

Receive more information on Notice & Access and a free quote.
Besides keeping your organization compliant with the rules surrounding Notice & Access and communicating clearly with your shareholders, both long and short-term cost savings are also recognized. To receive more information on the Notice & Access Enrollment Program and a free quote, please CLICK HERE.