Small Shareholder Program

“Odd-Lot” Services

An odd-lot shareholder is an individual who owns fewer than 100 shares of a common stock. This shareholder is often inactive and costly to a company. Odd-lot and other relatively small shareholders frequently represent better than 50% of a company’s total shareholders while owning less than 1% of outstanding shares. Talon specializes in reducing the expense of servicing these accounts at no cost to companies by helping shareholders increase, sell or donate small holdings. With an average response rate of 30%, a company's shareholder servicing cost is dramatically reduced.

Talon has turnkey outreach programs for reducing odd-lot and
small share holdings

Talon makes it easy to streamline odd-lot management by:

  • Facilitating sales of fewer than 100 shares
  • Processing “Round Up” purchases to reach 100 shares
  • Administering donations of small share positions to charity
  • Providing on-line tender and address correction documents.
  • Encouraging electronic notification elections.