Shareholder Services - ShARP©

ShARP© (Shareholder Asset Reunification Program)/PMC
Reach lost property owners and holders of outdated securities.

Unclaimed assets are a significant issue for any publicly-listed company, financial institution, third party administrator, transfer agent, government agency, and especially for organizations with numerous shareholders.  Assets tied up in dormant or forgotten accounts, lost certificates, un-tendered securities and un-cashed dividend checks can represent a huge risk, potential liability, unnecessary expense and a lost source of revenue for organizations.  Post Merger Clean up (PMC) and asset reunification are essential to good corporate governance.  Talon’s ShARP/PMC product assists organizations and vendors with the tools needed to effectively re-establish contact with shareholders.

Benefits of ShARP/PMC
Talon's Shareholder Asset Reunification Program (ShARP/PMC) automates and simplifies many of the functions associated with Asset Reunification and Post Merger Clean up.  ShARP/PMC can be a stand-alone product for use by your organization or can be integrated with your choice of service provider.  Talon's ShARP/PMC system works hand in hand with your vendor or internal staff to:

    • Track an account’s lost funds/shares through up to five exchanges or “jumps”
    • Project-based handling automatically calculates an asset’s current value and any associated reclamation fees.
    • Facilitate electronic information delivery to owners and targets
    • Create split targets for assets of deceased property owners
    • Export files for targeted mailings
    • Interface with your staff or call center software
    • Track contact attempts, mailings, returned mail and contacts received
    • Maintain accurate search and claim processing statuses
    • Record updates to ownership and contact information
    • Prepare claim files with corresponding transaction batching
    • Export a variety of data based on criteria pre-specified by the user (customized exports enable the user to simplify many manual and labor intensive tasks associated with these campaigns).
    • (ShARP/PMC supports industry standard transfer agent batch processing)