Shareholder Services

Data Append & Automated Shareholder Research

Talon Financial Technologies is different from competing data append and search providers in several ways.

First, a majority of data providers work primarily from Telco databases which they simply resell to their customers. More often than not, these databases are several years old, making them perhaps 50% accurate at the time of use. Statistically speaking about 15% of the US population moves every year and many more individuals change or un-list their phone numbers. Further difficulties in obtaining accurate data include cohabitation, name changes due to marriage and divorce and the mortality rate. Shareholder databases become inaccurate for the very same reasons. With the average shareholder list beginning with 15% lost shareholders and 50% with non-current information, most solicitors are at a 65% disadvantage in terms of record accuracy before any append processing begins.

Rather than relying on industry subscriptions and Telco databases, which might be stale by as much as two years, Talon begins the update and append process by utilizing unique and up-to-date sources of contact data. Address changes, email addresses and phone numbers can be appended to existing data and addresses can be standardized to qualify for the best postal rates. Deceased notification and next of kin services can also be incorporated into our automated shareholder research.

Current data sources paired with our proprietary matching algorithms and AICE update processes provide improved accuracy and cost-effectiveness over similar automated shareholder research services. In fact, Talon’s constantly-evolving cleansing and appending process yields the industry’s highest hit and accuracy ratings – as much as 95% and 90% respectively.  Talon delivers quality data with accuracy nearly equal to deep search services.  Our append service is cost-effective because we have the capability of filtering our address and phone appends by share range, CUSIP or other client-driven criteria.  You only pay for the addresses and phone numbers we append within your prescribed criteria.