Employee Stock Option Plans (cont.)


RSA and RSU Grants
Talon supports restricted stock and restricted stock units including performance vesting and award acceptance. RSA and RSU support allows the participant to receive multiple email reminders and follow-ups from the plan sponsor. Participants may accept award terms and conditions, view past awards and review vesting schedules (including performance vesting schedules). Following each lapse event, participants may view or print historic lapse/release statements and actual tax details. The site also supports customized FAQs and document postings to the company library.

Option & SAR Grants
Talon’s self-service equity plan website also allows participants to view and model non-qualified (NQ) and incentive (ISO) stock option grants as well as view cash-settled and stock-settled SAR grants. Full grant information and detailed vesting schedules are available, along with historical exercise statements. On-line exercise processes can be discussed for SAR grants, dependent upon your company’s equity plan software, stock transfer requirements and payroll process.

Options Calculator & Modeling
Talon’s self-service functions include a built-in Options Calculator which can be used to compare and model same-day sale proceeds using various hypothetical stock prices. During market hours, the Options Calculator will default to the delayed quote for your firm’s stock. This functionality can be paired with benefits valuation information, real-time stock quote information and related company news.